Who wants something that's free?

 Hi folks!

Just a very brief post this week - lots on!  Perhaps I should add an extra half hour to my day...  Yes, that sounds like the most logical and grateful thing to do.

Anyway, I would like to introduce to you, the wonderful readers of my humble little blog, a brand new maths game:

It's great fun and a wonderful way to spend a maths lesson or even a whole afternoon.  Why not create a whole league table and have a tournament?

A pdf of the full rules (basic and advanced versions) can be found at the end of this blog, along with printable game mats for the regular and Zombie editions.  I'm not charging anything but I would really appreciate a subscription to the blog and maybe tell a couple of your friends about me!

Anyway, the game:

Battle Dice is a turn-based fighting game (like Pokemon or Final Fantasy) using regular 6-sided dice as characters.  Children play in pairs and each pair will need 6 dice and a deck of playing cards (0-9 cards will work as well).

  1. Each player rolls 3 dice - these are your fighters.
  2. Whatever number the dice land on is their hit point value.
  3. Whoever has the lowest combined hit point value (add all three dice together) goes first.
  4. Deal out up to 7 cards (remove the aces and face cards).  You must always have seven cards before a battle.
  5. Decide which of your fighters is going into battle by choosing one of your dice.
  6. Select 2 cards and multiply them together - this is your attack.
  7. Your opponent then selects two cards and multiplies them together.
  8. Whoever has the higher product wins the match and a point is removed from their selected fighter (if the die is showing a 5, move it to a 4).
  9. If a fighter’s hit point value falls to 0, it is knocked out and cannot continue.
  10. Continue steps 4-8 until one player has no fighters left.

Note: The active fighter can be replaced by another after any battle. It keeps the level it had when it was withdrawn. 

To speed the game up, try using fewer dice or even 4-sided dice.
For a longer game, try using 10- or 20-sided dice.
For a more varied battle experience, use a 4-, 6- and 10-sided dice.

Example of gameplay:

And that's it.  There is a Zombie version that uses subtraction and encourages the use of negative numbers.  If this is of interest, please contact me for the rules.

Like I said, I'm not putting this on TPT or a Premium Digital Download - we've all had a tough year and we deserve something for free.  If you would like a PDF copy of the rules and the mats, drop me an email, @ me on Twitter or simply leave a comment below.  If you do use it though, I would love it if you could snap a quick photo and tweet to @Mr_M_Musings.

Have a wonderful month.  Remember to talk to people, especially if you feel like you're going slightly mad.  We've all been there.

Thanks and I'll speak to you soon!

Carl Headley-Morris

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