A letter from the government and a whoopsie.

 Hello lovely people! I don't know about you but I would very much like to see an end to the winter weather. If nothing else, it would mean having to dress my little boy in fewer layers! Anyway, this week's Postcard from the Edge (a series of smaller, hot-take blog posts), contains a couple of updates from previous posts. 

An update on chatGPT...

Why is ChatGPT such a concern for education?

Postcards from the edge...

Another one?

A round-up of the news

Where has Carl gone?

Intelligent Design [Technology]

Attention: We're robots. And here's the blog we wrote ourselves.

Try not to laugh, sigh or cry uncontrollably!

Art is useless... and we should absolutely be teaching it!

Why a lady named Sharon still haunts me...

DfE Update: July 2022!