DfE Education Update for January 2024

Every month, the Department for Education sends out email updates outlining what they are doing for children and teachers. As you can imagine, it's a thrilling yarn. But you don't need to read them; I'll do that for you (I'm nice, see). Here's January's offering:


Alright, educators, let's dissect that recent email from the DfE – the one with the intriguing title "Teacher Bulletin: Supporting your wellbeing and workload." Because let's face it, those two are often locked in a waltz of epic proportions, with workload leading the steps and wellbeing desperately trying to catch up.

First, the DfE acknowledges the workload elephant in the room – it's there, it's big, and it's probably munching on your sanity snacks. But instead of burying their heads in the sand, they're rolling up their sleeves and tackling the beast head-on. Enter the "Workload Reduction Taskforce," a team of brave souls armed with spreadsheets and to-do lists, united in their quest to slay the hydra of paperwork and lesson planning. They've even crafted a "Workload Reduction Toolkit," your personal arsenal of tips and tricks to outsmart the workload monster. Think of it as a magic dustpan for admin, a time-turner for marking, and a productivity potion for lesson planning.

Now, onto the other half of the tango – our precious wellbeing. The DfE recognizes that teachers aren't robots fueled by coffee and red pens. They're waving the "Wellbeing Charter" like a flag of truce, promising to protect and nurture our mental health. Free one-to-one counselling? Check. Funding for professional supervision? Double check. They're finally treating our brains like the invaluable organs they are, not just overheated pressure cookers churning out lesson plans.

But the DfE isn't just throwing resources at us and hoping for the best. They're also fostering a sense of community and support. The Teacher Bulletin is our monthly gossip mag, keeping us in the loop with all the educational shenanigans. New policies? Curriculum changes? Funding opportunities? You name it, the Bulletin spills the tea (without the office politics drama, thankfully). Think of it as your insider's guide to the education world, delivered straight to your inbox like a piping hot cup of gossip with a side of helpful info.

So, there you have it, colleagues. The DfE's offering a hand to hold and a toolkit to slay the workload dragon. They're recognizing our need for support, both mental and practical. Now, the onus is on us. We gotta use these resources, share our struggles, and advocate for ourselves and each other. Remember, even superheroes need a break. So take a deep breath, put down the marking pile, and join the conversation. This virtual staff room is always open, and here's to a future where workload and wellbeing can finally learn to tango in harmony.

Carl Headley-Morris

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